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Cloudfeet’s mission is to connect the world’s retailer and suppliers to unlock the power of the local knowledge, relationships and global capability to better serve world’s people.

Retail Redefined

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Be in charge of your business like never before. Place orders with your suppliers, receive confirmations, track deliveries, manage payments and inventory and review history of your transactions – all this in few clicks on the go, and in your language.

Learn what products and brands your consumers are talking about, chat online, share insights and grow your business actively.


Connect efficiently with your customers down to the last mile. Improve distribution efficiencies and have your sales & distribution team spend more time promoting your products and managing customer relationships and not worrying about replenishing inventory!

Get access to insightful analytics to manage and grow your business in the complex world of emerging markets.

And more, learn about your customer’s customers, enhance relationships with our platform, and advertise directly to the buyers.


Mom & Pop retailers are part of the community, contributing and participating in social activities and keeping the profit & operational spending in the community.

Cloudfeet will redefine retail and simplify so that consumers can benefit from the same low cost and easy availability of the right product when required, by providing the local stores access to the same quality of information and infrastructure that allows big retail to succeed.


Find out why we are confident of being the next big thing! Join us on a journey to revolutionise the retail trade across the emerging world.


Looking for an exciting future making a difference to the lives of billions across the emerging markets – Asia, Africa and Latin America?


Pramod Prasanth


Pramod founded Cloudfeet after spending over a decade doing supply chain management for global corporations including Swissair, Dun & Bradstreet, Syngenta, BASF, Astra Zeneca, Dow Chemicals, and Novo Nordisk.

Having travelled extensively across Asia, Africa, South and North America and Europe, he sees a world full of opportunities. He is very passionate about emerging markets and use of technology to help drive growth and enhance quality of life. He has been an early adopter of technology since young.

Pramod is a mechanical engineer, with an MBA and a Masters in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. He is from India, and has lived in France, Switzerland, Singapore and India.

Fabio Mariotti


Fabio did his PhD in Fribourg focusing on Computational Chemistry. He started dabbling in computationally complex problems before finally getting hooked by the internet and its potentials; getting interested in IT at the age of 12, and loving DIY projects since the age of 6.

He thinks that it was his curiosity that brought him to collaborate with institutions like ETH Zurich where he continued to study science, its methodology and its fascinating way of solving problems. Science, in his opinion, is one of the most fantastic tools to pursue exciting projects.

Fabio is Italian and lives in Switzerland since 1998.

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